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Best Compact Cameras ratings

Best Compact Digital Cameras Reviews


Top rated compact digital cameras in 2014


Today, a growing number of photographers are searching for a powerful digital camera, designed to help people take brilliant photos anywhere and anytime. Fortunately the market is packed with a wide range of products, all bearing distinct technological art features. With the right camera you will be able to take brilliant photos, in high definition and unique details. Searching for the best compact digital cameras in 2014 will become easier once you go through some of the latest reviews on the top rated products. Just imagine holding in your hand a professional camera, designed to capture in high details and vibrant colours landscapes, portraits or any other subjects.


What is the best Compact Digital Camera – Buying Guide


What is the Difference Between SLR and Compact Cameras?Photography is a big part of our lives, since thousands of men and women want to immortalize memories for other people to see, and enjoy as time goes by. There are also photo enthusiasts that want to have at their disposal a professional digital camera, capable of taking realistic photos, irrespective of their location. How to find the best compact digital camera? Well, answering this question can be pretty difficult if you don’t go through a professional buying guide, drafted with attention in order to simplify the selection process. Choosing the ideal camera for your photographic needs can be a bit difficult but knowing the specifications of a powerful device, will certainly improving your chances of making a good investment. Out of the new wave of cameras you must surely find one suited to your needs.

Some technicians say that there are too many options on the market, and some need not even exist. Commonly known as point and shoot camera, such a photographic device will occupy with ease your pocket, always ready to intervene with great snapshots of real life. Depending on your budget allocated to this investment, you can end up with a great model at your disposal. For example cheap cameras offer low resolution and can’t perform too well during dim light conditions.

For high quality and a realistic vibe you must opt for a camera that costs a bit more than the standard models. If you are a stylish person with fashion in your heart, beating at every turn then you should know that there are digital cameras of different colours and designs. So, you can find one that can suit your personality, helping you to capture life in realistic and vibrant details. Starting from plastic to metal, digital cameras reflect your photographic ambitions or simply place you in a world of joyful colours.


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Your future digital camera will be packing over 8 megapixels, reaching over 22 MP in some cases. Other features include Wi-Fi capabilities, internal memory, zoom lens, user friendly interface and zoom features. Just imagine taking a great photo of your friends or family and having the possibility to share it on all your favourite websites.

How to find the best compact digital camera? In order to find the proper answer to this question, you have to expand your search horizon and dig deeper on the characteristics of the top rated products out there. For example if you are an outdoorsy person that loves to combine adventure with quality time then you need a product that can keep up with your vitality. You should also know that the cameras are weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, capable of enriching your photographic world. Adventure is out there and with the right camera you will be able to record every moment, in high definition, vibrant and crystal clear details, depending on the model.

There are some key features that need to be present in a high quality digital camera: pixels, lots of them, ISO, image stabilisation system and ultimately zoom options. With an advanced digital camera you will be able to capture life in the right tonality, great composition and subtle colours. So, now that you’ve read all that there is to know about powerful digital cameras are you ready to take one home and try it out?


Canon PowerShot Elph 115 16MP digital camera


Today, more and more people love to harness their artistic nature and direct it towards great works of art. Now, you have the possibility to use one of the best compact digital cameras in 2014 from Canon, PowerShot Elph 115, a model that can improve the way you take photos. The device has a precise 2.7 inch TFT color LCD which includes wide-viewing angle monitor, which improves your photo management. It incorporates 16.0 MP 1/2.3 inch CCD sensor, ideal to make photo look crystal clear and realistic. Furthermore the camera comes with DIGIC 4 image processor that delivers brilliant performance whenever you want.

I love taking photos because they are a big part of my life. Everywhere I go “snap-snap” and a couple of pictures are born. This is why I use with confidence PowerShot Elph, a great camera that stimulated me to expand my creativity. So, I can now say to you one thing: take it with complete confidence because it won’t disappoint.” – Michaela Blair

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Panasonic DMC-G6KK digital camera


Best Compact Digital Cameras ReviewsReceiving high marks from the present best Panasonic compact digital cameras reviews, Panasonic DMC-G6KK represents a great addition to any person that is passionate about his work. Well, once you go with this camera on various photographic actions, you will enjoy complete control on the subject. This model frees your inner creativity due to the Single Lens Mirrorless design. The digital camera incorporates a wide range of art features such as Stop Motion Animation video, Creative Panorama, 19 fascinating filter options, Lumix Creative Control mode and also high definition video recording. It includes Near Field Communication technology which gives you the possibility to connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet.

“This is an exceptionally fine product which has excellent size and fit. The system is associated with the zoom lenses which have been developed for use with it is incredible. The ease of use is wonderful, and the picture quality is very good. I recommend this camera.” – John Swims

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Fujifilm X-M1 digital camera


You need a professional digital camera but the sheer number of models makes it pretty hard to identify the right one. According to the present statistics and user testimonials it seems that Fujifilm X-M1 is placed among the top rated compact digital cameras in 2014. The camera has a stylish design with the precise power to capture every scene in high definition and details. The photos taken with the camera come with brilliant image quality and delivers vibrant and rich colours. As you’ll soon see, the camera is exactly what you need. This digital camera includes “One handed” photo operation system.

“I own a few cameras and can fully appreciate various features and build qualities. The most important thing should be how good your photo is. Fuji has uses possibly their finest sensor in this camera with come great conveniences like Wi-Fi. It a plastic composite body of very high quality.” – Jeremy Nimbler

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Olympus E-P5 digital camera


When you start off a photographic project, you need by your side a powerful digital camera. Selecting the right one can be pretty difficult without the proper technical insight. Today, more and more people are using with confidence Olympus E-P5 17 mm f1.8 digital camera. This camera includes a powerful 5 Axis Image Stabilizations system with IS auto that ensures each photo is clear. It has a built-in flash, ideal for dim light conditions and also wireless capability for data transfer. The model delivers exact colour reproduction during every photo taken. Comfortable and easy to use, this digital camera from Olympus let’s take beautiful photos and vibrant videos.

“This camera takes very satisfying pictures. It has many useful features. I particularly like the manual focus with edges highlighted when in focus. If you don’t like the default position of a button for a function, it is very easy to change the button function.” – Dennis Anderson

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Sony NEX-7 digital camera


When it comes to digital cameras you need to be informed. Period! So, out of the present top rated compact digital cameras in 2014 it seems that more and more people use with confidence Sony NEX-7, a special pocket camera ideal to have around day or night. The camera comes with 24.3 MP NFX-7 sensors that let you take vibrant and beautiful photos. This digital camera features interchangeable lenses, Tri-Navi 3-dial manual control system and also a 2359K dot OLED TTL viewfinder. You should know that the camera offers Full 1920 x 1080p resolution at an impressive 60p, 60L and also 24p. Don’t miss out on a great chance to get your hands on a powerful digital camera!

“I like this camera. This camera takes awesome pictures, I took some pictures around where are I live and came out extremely well. This is the best investment that I have ever made; the camera is so small and light so I can take it anywhere.” – Lawrence Sanders

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Nikon 1 J2 digital camera


If you are an artist, it’s important to have the right “brush” in order to paint. So, today you have the possibility to use one of the best digital cameras out there from Nikon: J2. This model permits you to capture crystal clear and sharp images even during in low-light conditions. The camera gives you the possibility to tap into unlimited photographic creativity, ideal to capture vibrant and sharp images. You will be able to take brilliant panoramic photos just by panning the device side-to-side. It includes the unique Motion Snapshot and record in an impressive Full HD 1080p video resolution.

“This camera is easy to use, even for a slightly older person. The pictures were quick, no lag time from when you push the button till when the shutter clicks. I think I need to buy the extra lens so I can get better close ups. I recommend this camera to all of you out there.” – Clifford Williams

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